Ready to transform your car’s interior into a haven of cleanliness and comfort? Schedule our Interior Detailing service today and let our skilled technicians revitalize every nook and cranny.


Interior detailing is the complete cleaning and conditioning of your vehicle’s interior. This process includes a deep cleanse of all interior surfaces, such as seats, carpets, dashboard, and console, with the aim of revitalizing the cabin and ensuring a fresh and hygienic environment.

Interior Detailing - CDC Detailing 2 LLC


When it comes to interior detailing, CDC Detailing is your best choice. Our expertise ensures a thorough and luxurious makeover for your vehicle’s cabin.

Mobile Services

Don't have the time to bring your vehicle in? No need to worry, CDC Detailing offers mobile detailing services to Moorestown, NJ and the surrounding areas! Our team of experienced mobile detailers will come out to your residence, job site and more to service your vehicle. We make sure we are available at all times of the day, to ensure your vehicles can get cleaned on your time, not ours.

Equipped & Ready

Our team of skilled professionals has all the equipment organized in our convenient CDC Detailing van fleets to ensure whatever interior service you need done, having it done mobile won't change a thing!

Renewed Interior

We take pride in making sure your vehicle feels, smells, and looks as close to new as possible! Our services for interior auto detailing range from basic vacuuming services to full steam extractions and carpet shampoo treatments! Whatever your vehicle's interior needs, CDC Detailing is on it.



Car carpet shampoo service is a professional cleaning service that involves using specialized equipment and cleaning solutions to deep-clean the carpets and upholstery of a car. The process typically includes vacuuming, pre-treatment of stains and spots, agitation of the carpet fibers, and hot water extraction to remove dirt, grime, and odors from the carpet fibers. The result is a clean, fresh-smelling car interior that looks and feels like new.

All cloth/fabric seats shampooed and extracted leaving where you sit clean and refreshed from all the wear and tear they receive.

Full removal of imbedded pet hairs from carpeted and fabric areas, alongside anywhere else in the vehicle the hair might reside.

Full clean and extraction of vehicles interior headliner.

Have an extra strong odor in your car? Have that unrelenting smoke smell stuck in your fabric, carpet and seats? Our add-on Odor Removal service is what will do the trick, removing all foreign and strong odors from your vehicle that our standard details wont cover!


To maintain your car’s interior post-detailing, we recommend regular vacuuming, wiping down surfaces with a microfiber cloth, and prompt treatment of any spills or stains. Avoiding eating and smoking in the car can also help maintain cleanliness.
Yes, we can customize our detailing services to meet specific needs or concerns you may have about your vehicle’s interior.
We recommend removing all personal items from your car, including loose change, gadgets, and other valuables, to ensure a thorough cleaning and to safeguard your belongings.

Say goodbye to dirt and odors, and hello to a fresh, comfortable cabin; book an interior detailing service with CDC Detailing now! Our expert technicians are always here to refresh and renew your car’s interior, ensuring it looks and feels brand new. Don’t wait; call us at 856-979-8460 to schedule your appointment or bring your car to Unit #7, 420 Andbro Drive, Pitman, NJ today!

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